Friday, March 25, 2011

You can’t get more Old School than this!

Recently, the Yaqqothl Grimoire posted about Platemail, a RPG inspired by the old Chainmail resolution system, used for miniature battles and as the first combat system for the Original Edition of D&D. Platemail started way back then and is on its 27th Edition, by author Lars Dangly (you can learn more from this post at RPGNet or from this Yahoo! Group).

Oh, and I forgot to mention: this game is a thing of beauty! I spent the last few days reading it again and again, and wanting desperately to run it. Definitely worth a read. Lars managed to bring (to me at least) a new perspective to Old School games.

I’m sending the Yaqqothl Grimoire’s original link because it was through this great blog that I learned about Platemail.

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