Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Batteries recharged!

I was finally able to meet my old group and to continue our Chronicles of 7th Moon/Pathfinder game. The session was a blast and my players are already asking for the next one.

It’s very rewarding to see a long term campaign that still captures your group’s attention and passion. To my great relief (and joy), my Pathfinder campaign is alive and running again – that after almost three months without any game or meeting. I can only hope to schedule another game in the next two or three months.

The most difficult aspect of running a campaign where you can only meet you group for a short time is that you have to focus in short-term objectives and resist any temptations of engaging the players with complex plots or a heavier load of information – because they’ll surely forget most of it before the next game.

I’m still a little busy with my family and job hunting, but I’ll try to begin post again in the next days.

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