Monday, March 14, 2011

The David "Zeb" Formula

Open Design's Sunken Empires is a small but very entertaining Pathfinder supplement about how to incorporate the classic Atlantis mythos (or Mu, or Lemuria etc.) in your fantasy setting. It also deals with excellent topics like vril, ancient technology, degenerated races and aboleths (one of my top favorite monsters of D&D).
I didn't knew that those cthulhoid devil-fishes were a creation of David "Zeb" Cook, the famous author responsible for Conan the Barbarian RPG (check ZeFRS), Planescape and the 2nd Edition of AD&D (my "nostalgic" edition, which I played during the 90s). Well, in Sunken Empire's introduction, "Zeb" reveals the secret formula of TSR's cookbook for adventure modules at the time of Dwellers of the Forbidden City (specially those designed for game conventions):
- one basic monster
- one trap
- one basic monster with trap
- one basic monster with allies
- a boss monster*
- a brand new monster*
*I don't know if the author meant these as separated encounters or as a final encounter with a "brand new boss monster", the text is dubious.
Just a little trivia that I found interesting.

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