Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Small Augury – Into the Armory: The Complete Guide to Weapons, Armor, and Equipment

After the reading the innovative Advanced Arcana Vol. 1 I couldn’t resist. While waiting for Vol. 2, I went to check the Necromancers of the Northwest website. There’s a ton of good and free material there, including the equipment guide Into the Armory.

This PDF of 58 pages has new armors, shields, weapons and miscellaneous items. It also introduce a new category of item: quasi-magical items. These “lesser” mystical objects don’t require specific creation feats to be crafted, but skill ranks and special mystical ingredients – from roc feathers and red dragon bile to symbolic components like a blessing or a kiss. In other words: I love it! Flavorful and mechanically simple, they’re a great addition to any fantasy d20 game.

Into the Armory also ranks higher than most d20 commercial products out there, describing items, substances and objects with really weird, unusual and intriguing effects. Examples include the amazingly cool Hivelord’s Armor, the amulet of shrinking, alchemical living items, poisons that provoke sudden and random teleportation etc.

I can’t recommend this e-book enough. Check it out, even if you don’t play Pathfinder (or D&D 3.5) it’ll give you great ideas.

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