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Thematic Pathfinder Races – Human

Fluff here.

Characteristics: Humans are Medium-sized humanoids [human]. They have Speed 30 ft.

Starting languages: Humans begin play speaking Common. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

Basic Racial Traits
All humans start at 1st level with following traits:

Ambition: you gain 1 extra feat and additional skill rank at 1st level. You gain an additional skill rank whenever you gain a level.

Driven: once per day, if you fail a check by a margin of 5 or less, you can choose to succeed. After that, you suffer the fatigued condition, or another condition chosen by the GM.
This is a “success with cost” trait. The GM can freely choose the best condition for the situation. For example: Dazed, Prone, Staggered etc.

Fated: once per day, roll a d20. You can substitute any other d20 with the number you rolled, including rolls made against you by enemies which you’re aware.

Bonus Racial Traits
Choose one Advanced Racial Trait as a bonus Racial Talent at 1st.

Racial Flaw
Choose one of the Flaws below.

Pride: once per day, you can deny the assistance or help of a non-human ally or friend. In combat, you can renounce a mechanical benefit. If your GM approves, you regain a daily use of any of your racial traits.
Humans have an almost insane drive to prove themselves to the elder races.

Sins of Your Forbearers: once per day, another NPC gains a free reroll against you. If your GM approves, you regain a daily use of any of your racial traits.
Humans came to these lands in the past and did some horrible stuff.

Temptation: once per day, you can choose to fail a Wisdom Check or a Will save. If your GM approves, you regain a daily use of any of your racial traits.
If you’re open minded, you can activate this Racial Flaw if a player accepts an offer of power or do something stupid (like suffering an attack of opportunity) to get a powerful magic item.

Perfectionist: failure only fuels your determination. Once per day, after rolling a 1 on a d20, you regain a daily use of any of your racial traits.

Advanced Racial Traits
Every time you gain an Ability Score Increase due to Level Advancement (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th) you can choose instead one of the traits below.

Daring: once per day, you gain an additional standard action. This extra action can’t be used to execute an attack roll or cast a spell, spell-like ability or supernatural ability.

Don’t tell me the odds: once per day, you can choose one action that would provoke an attack of opportunity and execute it without inviting such attack.

Follow me: once per day, you can choose one ally to go together with you in the Initiative order.

Heroic Surge: once per day, you may recall a spell you have already cast or gain another use of a special class ability that is otherwise limited. This should only be used on spells and class abilities that recharge daily. Requisite: 4th level Human.

It was just a scratch: once per day, as an immediate action, convert damage taken from one attack to nonlethal damage. This still can leave your unconscious.

Obstinate: once per day, ignore any condition inflicted upon you for 1 round.

Resourcefulness: you gain 1 extra feat. This Racial Trait can be taken more than once. Requisite: Human 4th level.

Strange Ancestry: once per day, you can choose to have the best combination of type, subtype and alignment against one effect. Requisite: Human 4th level.

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