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Thematic Pathfinder Races – Half-Elf

Finally, here's my last Thematic Race. Now, to the compiled PDF. I'll update entries previous to the half-orc and revise everything based on feedback (unfortunately I still couldn't playtest this idea).

Fluff here.

Characteristics: Half-elves are Medium-sized humanoids that count as both [human] and [elf] subtypes for any effect related to race. They have Speed 30 ft. and Low Light Vision.

Starting languages: Half-elves begin play speaking Common and Elven. Half-elves with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).

Basic Racial Traits
All half-elves start at 1st level with following traits:

Adaptability: once per day, instead of rolling a Skill Check, you can choose to use the Key Ability Score instead as the result. You’re considered to be trained in the Skill. If you still fail the Skill Check, you regain the use of this Racial Trait.

One of a Kind: once per day, you can reroll a Charisma Check or CHAR-based Skill Check.
I’m not sure if Handle Animal and Use Magic Device should be here, I don’t want to limit this Racial Trait to social encounters. Besides, it does give the impression that half-elves have strong and unique personalities.

Between Two Worlds: choose one Basic Racial Trait from the Human or Elf entry.

Bonus Racial Traits
Choose one Advanced Racial Trait as a bonus Racial Talent at 1st.

Racial Flaw
Choose one of the Flaws below.

Half-Breed: once per day, you can choose to have the worst combination of types, subtype and alignment against one effect. If your GM accepts this, you regain a daily use of any of your racial traits.
This Racial Flaw tries to reflect feeling that some half-elves have that their heritage is cursed.

Lone Wolf: once per day, you can try to survive 5 rounds of melee combat without any allies in your threatened area and without assistance. If GM approves the trouble, you regain a daily use of any of your racial traits.

Gregarious Creature: while in civilized locations you can choose one the following options – spend wealth to keep an extravagant lifestyle or to carouse (100-1.000 GP/level is a good suggestion) or trigger a random encounter while alone (you’re mistaken with someone or own a debt, for example). While away from civilization, you can choose to awake fatigued. Either option can be used and, if accepted by the GM, grant you an extra use of any racial trait for the next day (you don’t need to choose in advance).

Wanderer: after resting for 8 hours in the same place, you can choose to awake fatigued. Or you can convince your entire party not to sleep in the same spot. If your GM approves either option, you gain an extra use of any racial trait for the next day (you don’t need to choose in advance).

Advanced Racial Traits
Every time you gain an Ability Score Increase due to Level Advancement (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th) you can choose instead one of the traits below.

Bastard Blood: once per day, you can ignore your humanoid subtypes for one encounter (or about 5 minutes), if advantageous. If you spend 1 round next to another humanoid, you can always tell if he’s also a bastard, but not which kind (half-elf, half-orc, tiefling, aasimar etc.).

Best of Both Worlds: choose another Basic Racial Trait or a Bonus Racial Trait from the Human or Elf entry. You can only choose Bonus Racial Traits without requisites.

Envoy: once per day, before rolling a Diplomacy Skill Check, activate this trait. If you fail, your target’s attitude toward you improves by one step. If you succeed, it improves by two steps. If Diplomacy was impossible, you don’t spend your daily use.

Gifted: choose one Skill. You always have a number of ranks in that Skill equal to your character level. This Racial Trait can be taken more than once.
If you spent ranks in the chosen skill before gaining this racial trait, you get those points back.

Hard Choices: once per day, choose one character and a general type of action, like “Attack”, “Move”, “Cast a spell”, “Use a spell-like ability”, “Withdrawn” etc. The GM must accept the type of action. Until your next turn, if the chosen character executes the declared action (and he knows which is) you gain an attack of opportunity against him. You can’t use this Racial Trait on the same character twice. in the Requisite: 4th level.
A bastard’s life is tough and teaches a mix of dirty tricks and hard lessons. This Racial Trait, which may be a bit overpowered was made thinking on that.

Multitalented: choose a secondary class from Pathfinder Unchained’s Variant Multiclassing system. You gain the 1st and 3rd level secondary class features for that class. You can’t take levels in the chosen secondary class. This Racial Trait can be taken more than once; each time you buy it, you gain the next step of class abilities. Requisite: 4th level.
Yeah, I said I wouldn't use the Variant Multiclass system, but in the end here it is.

Scoundrel: once per day, as an immediate action, choose a character interacting with you through a Skill Check. He can’t add skill ranks or a class skill bonus in his next Skill Check. However, for the next 5 rounds, you must roll twice and pick the worst result on every Skill Check against him.

Staunch Ally: once per day, when you use the Aid Another action, the assisted character can automatically roll twice and pick the best result at any time during his next turn.

Underestimate me once: once per day, you can reroll any check or roll against a pure-blooded humanoid. However, in the next round, he gains a free reroll against you. You can’t use this Racial Trait against on same character twice.

Versatile: once per day, you substitute one save for another.
Good luck explaining how.

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