Thursday, November 24, 2011

My paladins are Jedi!

Writing the last Worldbuilding post sparked a crazy idea for my Chronicles of the 7th Moon game.

One of the PCs with most impact in the entire campaign so far was Hilguen, the aasimar paladin servant of the Veiled Lords (the setting’s seven unique solars). When Hilguen was created I made this celestial-sponsored religion based upon a utopian city-spaceship that travelled through the solar system of the campaign setting.

Paladins raised in that culture were truly enlightened and presented a perfect excuse for the contemporary Code of Conduct described briefly in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and detailed in the Book of Exalted Deeds. The 7th Moon (Isaldar) was a world still stepped in “older” ethos and codes of honors, without our modern ideals of justice, order and equality.

The initial idea was that Veiled Lords paladins were just another type of paladin, with every lawful good religion on Isaldar having its own holy warriors. However, after watching my friend’s roleplay of Hilguen I became tempted to change the above assumption. “Holy warriors” are now represented solely by multiclass clerics, a few rare prestige classes and – most of the time – by the cavalier class. Paladins sort of reverted to their AD&D 2nd status (i.e. “guys with Charisma 17 are rare”) – they’re special and unique, forced to face the entire world to validate their strange points of view. They also promote an idyllic and naïve style of justice, alien to the game setting (literally).

What about the “Jedi” part? Well, now they are actually from space! Space paladins are cool and are the closer thing to a Jedi that I can think of. After all, they’re guardians of justice and peace – indeed Jedi (and now I’m really tempted to change a few class features and mix some monk or psychic warrior abilities on my new paladins).

May the Force be with you!