Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kobolds into the New World

While you can argue that the Midgard campaign setting is in itself an entire new world, this news is about something a little more specific – Open Design’s new Kickstarter projectJourneys to the West: Fantastic Voyages in the Western Ocean”.

Designed by Christina Stiles (of Faery's Tale) for Pathfinder, this six-adventure anthology for levels 1 to 12, starts in Barsella, the City at the Edge of the world, home of adventurers and pirates, exploring the vast, uncharted waters of the Midgard campaign setting’s Western Ocean.  

The Kickstarter project my sounds something inspired by the Conquistadores, but the anthology’s premises really ring an Odyssey bell with me, check it out:

Discover the lush paradise known as the Isle of Morphoi, where the goddess of Memory seeks lost secrets through her network of cunning lamias and the shapeshifting morphoi. Encounter lost civilizations and their hidden colonies; explore mysterious fog-shrouded islands populated by sharp-toothed, scarred natives; battle epic leviathans of the deep that are rumored to crush villages or swallow whole ships; and gain priceless and unusual treasures!

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