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Thematic Pathfinder Race - Halfling

Time for Halflings


Halflings are Small-sized humanoids [halfling] with speed of 20 ft.

Starting languages: Halflings begin play speaking Common and Halfling. Halflings with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, and Goblin.

Racial Traits

Courageous: halflings always reduce Fear-conditions inflicted upon them by one step. This means that if a halfling would be Panicked, she’s instead Frightened (yeah, halflings ignore the Shaken condition, if derived from an Intimidate or Fear effect).

Unnoticed: once per day, a halfling can ask for a special Acrobatics, Climb or Stealth skill check while adjacent to bigger creatures, without suffering any attack of opportunity (they can use the creature’s bulk to their advantage… this racial talent was made to allow halflings to disappear after running below an ogre’s leg; or to climb on such an ogre’s back, etc.).

Lucky: once per day, you can treat a natural 1 on any d20 check/roll as a natural 20.

You must choose also either A Halfling’s Curiosity or Of A Humble Height talents at 1st level.

A Halfling’s Curiosity: your bravado and cheerfulness get the best of you. Once per day, during a combat encounter, you can choose to suffer an attack of opportunity or otherwise spent a full-round action trying to get close to the most dangerous foe or hazard in the scene (this usually means that your halfling closes in the source of fear – like that big dragon – or suffers an attack of opportunity from trying to see what the hill giant got in that big sack). If your GM approves, you regain a daily use of any of your other racial talents.

Of A Humble Height: sometimes size matters in the worse way. Once per day, you must spend an additional standard action and/or succeed at an additional check to accomplish something that bigger character would do with a single standard action.
For example: during the first round of combat, to attack a Large-sized foe, you can suggest to your GM that your halfling rogue must spend a standard action or succeed at a Climb skill check before dealing sneak attack damage.
Another example: the classical Strength check – even a halfling with Str 18 would take longer to lift a gate (spending a standard action) or would have to make 2 Strength checks.
If the GM accepts, you regain a daily use of any of your other racial talents.

Finally, also at 1st level, you can choose Catch me First, Nimbleness, Throwing Knack, or Urchin as a bonus Racial Talent.

Halfling Racial Talents

Racial Talents are exclusive abilities that can be acquired during advancement. You can substitute an Ability Score increase for one of the following Racial Talents.

A Small Opportunity: you can use the Dirty Trick, Reposition and Steal combat maneuvers as attacks of opportunity.   

Catch me First: once per day, you can take a 5-foot step as an immediate action.

Fearless: halflings are immune to Fear effects. The first time each day that a halfling is subjected to a Fear-induced condition (Shaken, Frightened, Panicked or Cowering), he can choose to suffer the mechanical effects of either heroism or haste for 5 rounds as an extraordinary ability. Requisite: Halfling character level 8th.

Halfling Feet: halflings are already very sneaky, but you’re invisible. Once per day, when alone, you can take 20 on a Stealth skill check. Requisite: Halfling character level 8th.

Luck Charm: if you’re adjacent to an ally, you can use your Lucky racial talent on him (this still counts as your daily use).

Nimbleness: once per day, you can reroll one Dexterity or DEX-based Skill Check.

Resolute: once per day, you can reroll one save roll.

Throwing Knack: you are naturally proficient with slings. If you are already proficiency due to a class feature, you gain a daily reroll to attack rolls, combat maneuver checks or damage rolls with slings.
You’re are also very good at throwing rocks or similar objects (halflings treat it as a thrown weapon that deals 1 point of damage, range 10 ft., critical x2). Instead of dealing damage, you can inflict the Shaken condition for 1 round against targets vulnerable to critical hits. You can use your daily reroll with slings for throwing rocks.
Finally, you automatically confirm any critical hit with slings or rocks.

Urchin: once per day, you can take 20 in a Disguise Skill Check to appear as a human or elf child (or from other similar races in your campaign). If you’re unarmored and not bearing any visible weapons (or out of place items), you can use this racial talent as a full-round action.

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