Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spell-less Rangers and Tales of Midgard

What was awesome it’s now better! The good folks of Open Design have released their newest PDF – the Expanded Spell-less Ranger, by Marc Radle. From the now iconic complain that “Aragon didn’t cast spells”, Kobold Quarterly presented some time ago a spell-less version of the Pathfinder RPG Ranger class. Just to give you an idea – after that article I never saw in my gaming groups another ranger spellcaster. Yeah, it’s that cool. Very recommended!

As a fan of Wolfgang’s Midgard campaign setting I couldn’t let pass the new that their latest kickstarter project – Tales of Midgard – doing very well. Check it out!

Right now, Tales of Midgard backers are signed up for 160 pages of Pathfinder adventures, and they also receive a full set of 1" scale battle maps for the adventures, 2 adventures, and a 32-page Legends of Midgard book.

The Legends book provides the scoop on the Lord of Doors, the Shadow Fey, the Oracle of Kammae, and the Master of Demon Mountain, among others. The project also includes two PDF extras, The Buried Palace and Beyond the Ghostlight Reef, both convention adventures from PaizoCon 2011, never published.

Since Tales of Midgard has passed the first three funding levels, the project will definitely be produced. However, there are three more levels that still need backers to unlock them by Sunday, May 20. Here are them:

Tales of Midgard: 3 more levels to unlock...

If We Reach $15,000
The project adds 32 pages to the core book, expanding the space available for adventures. Every backer gets 192 pages instead of 160! Actually 224 pages if you count the Legends of Midgard book as well!

If We Reach $17,500
Everything is better with art. At this tier, the project includes expanded art, including 16 pages of player handout art of the “You see this” style for each adventure. This art book simplifies running the adventures, and makes them more memorable!

If We Reach $20,000
Wolfgang Baur writes a 16-page standalone adventure for the collection, “The Raven’s Call.” This is included as a PDF for all Hero-level backers, and in print for all Diabolist-level backers and up.

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