Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Small Post: Flavor at the Right Dose

My idea for the Eternal War derives, in part, from the fact that many settings seem to ignore the existence of high-level magic in their history. Sometimes all I need is a little event that was particulary affected by the powers and spells from the Corebook that we so love to use. Due to my current Curse of the Crimson Throne, I acquired the Guide to Korvosa. This is what I'm talking about incorporating game mechanics in setting elements (a small excerpt from the Guide to Korvosa's History Chapter):

The Last Shoanti War

In 4462, the great chieftain Galstak Sevendeaths (who was resurrected six times) brought together the Sklar-Quah and Skoan-Quah to form a small army. This army crossed the Jeggare several miles upriver from Korvosa. Riding massive dire animals, the Shoanti crashed through the forest and burst onto the farmlands southeast of the city. The Shoanti raid, coupled with their subsequent weeklong siege of Palin’s Cove and the Chelish mainland enclave in Korvosa, reignited anti-native feelings among the settlement’s leaders. The entire regiment of Korvosan Guards stationed on Endrin Isle marched straight into the heart of the Shoanti encampment, driving the savages back across the river. Over the next 26 years, a state of general war existed between the Shoanti and the Korvosans.
Finally, in 4488, the Korvosan Guard once again killed Galstak Sevendeaths, but this time they managed to capture his body and prevent his eighth return to life. With Galstak’s final demise, the alliance he formed crumbled, and the tribes quickly fell to in-fighting, even as they f led north and east at sword-point. The Chelish soldiers firmly established their dominance of the area around the mouth of the
Jeggare River.

As usual, Golarion rocks! (And I do recommend the Guide to Korvosa for any city campaign.) 

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