Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advanced Fighting Fantasy is coming back...

…with revised rules (that worries me a little) and a new book. Great news for old fans like me! The site doesn't give much, but it certainly brings back memories.


  1. I'm hoping for somewhat revised rules because the existing set makes a single die roll responsible for determining if our character sucks or rocks. Having Skill points tied to the skill stat means that a character with 7 skill who spends all his skill points on one skill is only 2 points better at it than a character with 12 skill who spent none of his skill points on said skill.

    And the guy with 12 skill still has 12 skill points to spend, and the 7 guy is broke.

    I LOVE Dungeoneer, but that basic "problem" really does bother me.

  2. I agree that the system has fair number of bugs (a good portion of them derived from its time and original purpose). My fear with a revised and new edition is rules inflation, removing the "old school" feel of AFF. You may call it nostalgia, but even where the system was broken it was often so easy (and funny) to tinker with the rules. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

    And Dungeoneer is the only Old School system that my Pathfinder players like to play :)