Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weird Arcana – Arcane Bound (Mentor)

You have a deeper connection to your arcane mentor than most wizards. You mentor always knows where you are and has direct connection with you for the effect of spells like scry. He probably also has a weak telepathic connection with you. However, this rapport is hard to sustain, so don’t expect your mentor to lose his time chatting with you. He’ll probably only search one of his many pupils for truly important errands.

At 1st level you gain 2 benefits – Sage Counsel and Mentor's Librorium.
Sage Counsel (Su): 1/day you can take 20 on one Knowledge skill check (even if untrained) after 10 minutes of trance with your mentor. This leaves you Fatigued.
Mentor's Librorium (Ex): you gain three new spells per level instead of two.

At 3rd level you gain Never Alone.
Never Alone (Su): 1/day, one round after suffering a mind-effect, you can reroll a new Will save as your mentor attempts to help you.

At 5th level you gain Eldritch Training.
Eldritch Training: you mentor's training is hard but rewarding. 1/day you can change one of your Metamagic Feats. You must meet all the prerequisites for the new feat and it remains available to you for the next 24 hours. Eldritch Training requires one hour of meditation and communing with your mentor, leaves you Fatigued and costs one of your highest spell slots.

At 9th level you gain Archmage’s Reach.
Archmage’s Reach: 1/day your mentor can directly assist you. When casting a spell, your mentor casts simultaneously cast a second random spell. This dweomer is one level lower than the main spell. The Gamemaster should roll this spell on the Core Rulebook List (if totally inappropriate/useless to the situation choose the next entry and so on). Spells with expensive material components can’t be used. If no spell of that particular level applies, choose a lower level spells. This channeling is vexing and leaves your Fatigued.

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