Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Tower of the Mind Lord is open!

For those searching new blogs to read I can’t recommend enough Steve Winter’s Howling Tower. Steve Winter is a living legend of the hobby as he has worked for TSR, and later Wizards of the Coast, from 1981 to December of 2011. That’s a lot ground and it’s hard to find another professional with such experience and –most important – insights at the industry (and D&D).

Steve Winter is also – for me – the ultimate Psionic Dark Lord. For all its criticism and possible mechanical issues, the Complete Psionics Handbook, for AD&D 2nd, was my gateway into psionics, besides been a book responsible for hours of entertaining – both at the table and as reading material. The Complete Psionics Handbook felt as something new and completely different from anything I had read before and it’s still a book that I read from time to time.

I look forward to Steve Winter’s material and insights. His posts on Attack Bonus are a good preview of the material that I hope to read at the Howling Tower.