Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stuff I’m preparing and (more important) ‘Kirthfinder’

Ok, this week is a bit slow and I was in fact surprised to find out that I’ didn’t had anything prepared for the blog... C#@*!

I’m back from a short but very tiring trip and I’m still struggling to the get all my job’s demands and studies to date (without much hope for the later), besides catching up with my reading (I still wasn’t able to return to Star Wars unfortunately).

So? What am I cooking up? I’m preparing the next session report for the Chronicles of the Seventh Moon campaign; an alternate version of the gnome race (as well a replacement for it); and I’m finishing the text for the last part of the Forge-based unknown vistas. Finally, I’m also digging my house rule version of the Fighter core class (and its Martial Focus unique mechanic).

Talking about house rules, some two or three weeks ago I found ‘Kirthfinder’ – a mammoth-sized house rule compendium for Pathfinder by Paizo messageboard member TriOmegaZero. While there’re a lot thing there that I would have done differently, the rules are nonetheless impressive – in part because they’re really well made (the Barbarian class and its new rage powers, for example, are awesome!); in part because TriOmegaZero’s encyclopedic references to a ton of 3.5 material (and his patience in organizing it) is also totally commendable. A heartily thanks for putting it all online!