Saturday, August 6, 2011

(Self) Knighted to the Order of the d30!

It’s already very hard to find RPGs here in Brazil without resorting to or Noble Knight, imagine then how hard it is to find game dice… now picture the situation with “exotic” dice. Because of these peculiar circumstances I was surprised (and delighted) to find that a bookstore a few blocks from my house was selling not only RPG dice (your usual d4s, d10s, d20s etc) but also a couple d16s and the mighty d30! (They even had a weather dice.)

Now I can finally join the illustrious Order of the d30, to bring unearthly and righteous awesomeness to my games. In the spirit of the “The Big Purple D30 Rule” and “The Big Emerald d30 Rule”, I’m instituting “The Big D30 of Mayhem! Rule” (…I might need a better name), for my Pathfinder games.

Each player may opt – once per game session – to roll the Gamemaster’s big d30 of Mayhem! in lieu of either one d20 check or one damage roll. The choice to roll the big d30 of Mayhem! must be made before the roll. However, if the player fails or use the big d30 of Mayhem! for rolling damage, the Gamemaster also gains the ability to roll – once – the big d30 of Mayhem! Gamemaster must use this prerogative until the end of the encounter. Only one player, per encounter, can summon “The Big D30 of Mayhem!” Rule.

I couldn’t end this post without mentioning the totally awesome Concordance of the Order of the d30, compiled by David Larkins.

P.S.: Talking (also) about d16s. What the hack do you do with a d16? (Besides playing Dungeon Crawling Classics RPG)