Saturday, June 18, 2011

Swords & Wizardry from the Old World

No, this isn’t a cross-over between S&W and Warhammer, but the English translation of Epée & Sorcellerie. For those that don’t know it yet, Epée & Sorcelleries isn’t exactly a retro-clone (albeit it’s based on S&W), but a french Old School RPG, written by Nicolas Dessaux, that uses 2d6s instead of a d20 and brings a refreshing approach to the OSR.

With new mechanics, like its AC rule (based either on Dexterity or on the type of armor used) and flavorful abilities, like the sorcerer’s “the dark side of magic” (itself, perhaps, based on Chainmail), Epée & Sorcelleries is definitely worth a look.

And I had print the French version of the thing just yesterday… damn...