Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Small Augury - Märchen der Daemonwulf

Märchen der Daemonwulf is a 28-pages color PDF by Necromancers of the Northwest to Pathfinder that introduces the classical werewolf from legends as a viable character option from low to high levels. I’m talking about “classical werewolf” here because the book introduces a new base class (the Lycaonite) based on a new feat – the Curse of the Beast – that allows a character (of any level) to assume the form of a wolf. The catch is that this transformation can the unwilling (triggered by battle or nighttime). Many abilities also deal with the theme of cannibalism, a clear reference to the most traditional werewolf myths.

The Lycaonite is a 12-HD class built around bonus feats and a series of bonus and transformation linked to the lunar cycle. Actually, the main features of this class are all linked to lunar bonus, an interesting (and in my opinion refreshing) design approach, but one also that many may find tiresome or unbalanced. Among abilities that extend and improve your transformations, the 20th level feature is by far one of the coolest that I’ve ever read: you Lycaonite can summon once per day a magical blood-red moon to full benefits of a full moon (the funny thing is that this trait also reminds of Dragon Ball Z).

The new feats are the real “meat” of this supplement. From feats that improve your abilities while shapechanged, to a range powers granted by devouring the bodies of fallen foes, Märchen der Daemonwulf covers the basic themes of classical horror stories. There’s even a feat to transmit lycanthropy through your bite. The PDF also has 4 new magic items and a new magic weapon quality.

By bringing to Pathfinder the oldest and more traditional aspects of the werewolf legend, Märchen der Daemonwulf succeeds in presenting lycanthropes in a refreshing way, open a path do adapt other creatures, like the werebear (both from Norse myths and the more recent Tolkien version). The price – $ 2.49 – is another positive point in this product.