Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A question, a small request and some ideas for the future...

I’m traveling out of town, for the Easter holyday, to meet my family and girlfriend, so my next post should probably be up only on Monday. Until there I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you about what types of article do you enjoyed more here at the Tower (or found more useful)?

Checking the blog stats, I saw that the Auguries received the majority of hits, followed by Pathfinder rules and, a little behind, Worldbuidling articles. Weird Arcana gets always a little attention and I keep it because I find it extremely fun to create spells, the same been valid about Little Encounters. The Bestiarum Vocabulum occupies the last place, but I still want to adapt a few more creatures from the Malazan Book of the Fallen and, maybe, from other books I’m reading.

A curious pattern that I noted is that whenever a post has a title with the words “Old School”, it is an instant hit. It’s amazing the strength of the OSR at the Internet (in comparison with Pathfinder). Actually, I got the impression that Pathfinder fans are not as scattered as Old School ones, been concentrated mostly at Paizo.

So, please, feel free to post any suggestion here or to send an email to me (tzimiscedracul at gmail dot com) about anything you’d like to see at the Tower in the future.

I’m also searching for other Pathfinder blogs out there so, if you have any recommendations or suggestions, please let me know.

Finally, while this is (today) a Pathfinder blog, lately most of my reading has been of Old School games and OD&D, so I’m preparing a little post with a “Hobbit-Hack” for Swords & Wizardry (my favorite retro-clone). I’m also writing (now for Pathfinder) an alternate version of the druid class (the shaman), two versions of a swashbuckler class, my interpretation of a “true” Vancian magic system and an article with abstract mechanics for Followers (this one has given me some trouble).

So, these are my thoughts for now. I wish a nice week to you all! Happy Easter celebrations and great games!

P.S.: I just saw this homebrew PDF, modifying D&D for kids, at the The Contemptible Cube of Quazar. It is a marvelous introduction to the hobby.