Friday, February 11, 2011

Weird Arcana - Living Shadow (New Arcane Bond)

Pathfinder brought interesting ways to customize your character through base class features like Arcane Bond (from the Wizard) or Hunter’s Bond (from the Ranger). I find odd that there aren’t new options for these class features – at least I don’t remember seeing any.

Arcane Bond (Living Shadow) (Su): The wizard’s shadow is a living entity, occasionally moving on its own or delaying to mimic the motions of its master. At 1st level, this arcane bond grants darkvision of 60-ft (or double its range if the wizard already possess such trait) and the ability to see even inside spells like deeper darkness. At 3rd level, the wizard can execute touch attack through its shadow, to a range of 10-ft. At 9th level, the shadow can ignore one energy drain attack per day (plus another one for every 4 levels). At 15th level, the wizard can merge with its shadow once per day, for a number of rounds equal to half his levels (rounded up). While merged, the wizard gains the incorporeal trait.
The wizard’s shadow has an AC 13 + his Int modifier. It is incorporeal and has half the wizard’s total hit point. The shadow can’t attack and isn’t undead.
If destroyed, the wizard becomes sickened (and shadowless). This condition persists until a new shadow can be manifested. A wizard can manifest his shadow again after resting and preparing his spells.