Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weird Arcana - the Star Grimoire (New Feat)

The mages of the Starry Orders of Ikthar, at the heart of the Silvery Principalities of West Aldar, are famous as astrologers and keepers of the secrets concerning the Six Orbs and the Wall of Stars.

Star Grimoire
You have great knowledge of the power behind the major constellations, and can prepare your spells using the arcane position of the stars.
Prerequisite: Spell Mastery, Knowledge (Planes)* 3+ ranks
Benefit: If you have access to the night sky, you can prepare your spells without referring to your spellbook. You substitute the heavens for your spellbook.
You can only prepare spells in this fashion if they are first written in your spellbook.
Normal: Without this feat, you must use a spellbook to prepare all your spells, except read magic and those spell selected for the spell mastery feat.

* In the setting of Chronicles of the Seventh Moon, each one of the seven planets is treated as a different “plane” for all mechanical effects. Spells like plane shift are renamed to planet shift (or journey to other orb, as called by magic-users of the moon of Isaldar) Other dimensions of reality (what are called planes of existence in other settings) are very hard to reach and often lead to unique, strange and mind-shattering realms.  Because of this characteristc, the skill Knowledge (Planes) is used also for astrological purposes.


  1. Very nice. As Astrology plays a major role in the Sea of Stars, may I borrow this?